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The Importance of Branding

Do my current marketing efforts get the results I want? You have a successful company that offers great products or services, so why should you focus on your company’s brand? Simply stated, your competition is growing and your customers are smarter.

Branding allows your clients and potential clients to recognize your company; more importantly, branding will distinguish you from your competition with similar products or services. People, by nature, are creatures of habit and crave feeling comfort, safety and convenience. Strong brands provide consumers with a sense of familiarity and dependability that leads to repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.

The Wow Factor of Branding:

  • Compels consumers to choose your business

  • Promotes quality and expectation

  • Stimulates immediate recognition

  • Creates loyal, continuous customers

  • Provides trustworthiness

  • Retains employees, cutting down hiring expenses

  • Makes your company into its own entity

Some Branding History

Branding, while constantly evolving, has existed for centuries. Livestock have long been a commodity to be traded and coveted asset to have. Scandinavians began burning a brand into their cattle and horses to prove ownership if they wandered. This evolved into early brand recognition, associating quality to certain brands. This idea of branding spread throughout Europe and then, North America. To this day, branding in livestock and horses is used throughout the world. Brands are a clear marker.

During the Industrial Revolution, branding expanded beyond agriculture. As demand and competition grew, companies realized the importance of the trademark. Imagine if Ford Motor Company didn’t have a logo or trademark. What about Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Apple or the unforgettable intertwining double Cs of Chanel? As you’re reading this you can immediately visualize these brands.

The Modern Day Brand Approach

Today, branding is about more than just a logo. Brand reputation is everything and no longer just created by word of mouth. Customers are savvy shoppers who have access to your brand’s reputation instantly in the palm of their hand via reviews, social media, and websites. Consumers are looking for brands that align with their own “brand.”

Is your customer socially conscious? They’ll want to spend their money with a company that’s charitable. Is your customer looking to feel attended to? They’ll look for reviews based on customer service before giving anyone their business and then write one about their own experience. Is your brand eco-friendly and cares about land conservation? Many businesses today align themselves and partner with other brands that have similar minds, missions, and community involvements. A co-branding strategy is smart business strategy, and more importantly, it aligns goals and builds customer awareness.

Here are some of our favorite brands that "give back".

Branding is evolving rapidly as technology changes and increasing competition edges into your lane. It’s the driving force in elevating businesses—big and small—and keeping them on top.

Today’s branding needs to provide:

  • A lifestyle promise

  • A consistent look

  • Instant gratification

  • A sense of importance and popularity

  • Accessibility in communication and especially, social media platforms

For business owners, modern day branding and strategy is another full-time job and hiring a full-time marketing professional or team is often too expensive. But, the cost of not having a marketing professional leads to decreased business and missed opportunities. You can have a budget-friendly solution by hiring a branding or marketing company. A branding company provides professional marketing experience without the expense of providing an employee with salary, health insurance, paid time off, workman’s compensation, and the other expenses associated with a staff.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to take my business to the next level?

  • How can I elevate my company’s brand persona?

  • Do my current marketing efforts get the results I want?

  • Does my marketing need a different strategy?

  • Do I still have the same logo from 20 years ago?

  • What’s my next step to move up in the market?

We can help you answer these questions and help you develop a clear strategy for moving forward with your business and your brand. Stay ahead of the trend curve of your marketplace and invest in your future. Keep driving your company forward.

branditOcala can help you #makeyourmark and elevate your brand above your competition.

Let's talk and discuss your new brand strategy.



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